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5:11 And on Allah let believers put (all) their trust

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O ye who believe! Call in remembrance the favour of Allah unto you when certain men formed the design to stretch out their hands against you, but (Allah) held back their hands from you: so fear Allah. And on Allah let believers put (all) their trust.

Yusuf Ali writes,

In the life-time of the Prophet it happened again
and again that the enemies of Islam stretched out their
hands against him, his people, and his teaching. The
odds were, from a worldly point of view, in their favour,
but their hands were rendered inert and powerless
because they were fighting against the truth of Allah.
So does it happen always, now as it did then. True faith
must take heart, and at the same time humbly recognise
Allah’s favour and mercy, and be grateful.


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the QuranMicrosoft Word – 005 Ma’ida.doc (

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