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6:23 The confession of the polytheists on Resurrection Day

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There will then be (left) no subterfuge for them but to say: “By Allah our Lord, we were not those who joined gods with Allah.”

The following excerpt is taken from “The Study Quran” under the commentary of the above verse:

“Al-Rāzī suggests that grave sins may indicate varieties of kufr (disbelief), that is, disbelief in God, the prophets, the Last Day, or the Sacred Law. This would be consistent with v. 48, which states that God forgives all sins except shirk (idolatry; R).”


“Although Sufi commentators agree that the truly great sin is shirk (idolatry), they consider shirk to also mean an excessive attachment to worldly things, and even the assertion of the independent existence of one’s own soul in a way that would obscure pure devotion to and utter reliance upon God. Hence the Sufi saying, sometimes attributed to Rābiʿah al-ʿAdawiyyah (d. 183/801): “Your existence is a sin to which no other sin can be compared!” (K, Qu).”


Nasr, Hossein (2015). Study Quran.

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