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9:43 The Kindess of the Prophet, even to his enemies

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Allah give thee grace! why didst thou grant them until those who told the truth were seen by thee in a clear light, and thou hadst proved the liars?

‘Afâ Allâh ‘an-ka َmeans Allâh (will) set your affairs
aright. This is an Arabic idiom which is normally used, although not
exclusively, for a person who has committed sins or made mistakes.
But it can also be used for a person who has committed no sin or
error, and even for someone who is incapable of committing a sin. It is
sometimes used to express love. For instance, an Arab may say this to
a person whom he holds in high esteem, meaning, “May Allâh set
your affairs aright and bring honour and glory to you”. It is said that
two hypocrites from Madînah came to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) with
excuses why they were unable to join the expedition of Tabûk. The
Holy Prophet (pbuh) said to them, ‘afâ Allâh ‘an-ka
toَ express his love and kindness even under these circumstances.


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