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12:69 Joseph reveals his identity to Benjamin

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Now when they came into Joseph’s presence, he received his (full) brother to stay with him. He said (to him): “Behold! I am thy (own) brother; so grieve not at aught of their doings.”

Cf. Genesis 43:29–31. When the brothers came to Joseph, he honored
them and treated them kindly. He managed to inform Benjamin in private that he
was his brother (IK, Kl) and explained all that had happened to him (IK). He
then gave Benjamin solace, telling him not to be saddened by what the brothers
had done, noting that these events were in the past and according to God’s Will
(Bg). He also asked Benjamin not to mention their private meeting to the other
brothers (IK). Ibn Kathīr states that Joseph and Benjamin then devised a plan
that would ensure that Benjamin would remain with him (see vv. 70–82); alṬabarī, however, says that the plan was not known to Benjam


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