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13:38 For each period is a Book (revealed)

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We did send messengers before thee, and appointed for them wives and children: and it was never the part of a messenger to bring a sign except as Allah permitted (or commanded). For each period is a Book (revealed).

Or: “a divine writ” (kitab). See 5:48 – “Unto every one of you have We appointed a [different]
and way of life” – and the corresponding note 66, which explains the succession of divine
culminating in, and ending with, the revelation of the Qur’an. This interpretation of the above
phrase –
adopted, among others, by Ibn Kathir – connects it plausibly with the precedingg mention of the
apostles who came before Muhammad, and with the subsequent reference to the supersession of
earlier divine messages by that of the Qur’an. Apart from this, the statement that every age had a
revelation suited to the particular needs of the time and the people concerned (Zamakhshari)
constitutes an answer to the objection, often raised by followers of other creeds, that the message
of the Qur’an differs in many respects from the earlier divine revelations (Razi).


Asad, Muhammad (1980). The Message of the Quran.

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