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15:16 The Zodiacal Signs

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It is We Who have set out the zodiacal signs in the heavens, and made them fair-seeming to (all) beholders;

In the countless millions of stars in the universe
which we see, the first step in our astronomical
knowledge is to find marvelous order, beauty, and
harmony, on a scale of grandeur which we appreciate
more and more as our knowledge increases.
The first broad belt that we distinguish is the Zodiac,
which marks the sun’s path through the heavens year
after year and the limit of the wanderings of the moon
and the planets.
We make twelve divisions of it and call them Signs of the
Zodiac. Each marks the solar path through the heavens
as we see it, month after month. We can thus mark off
the seasons in our solar year, and express in definite
laws the most important facts in meteorology,
agriculture, seasonal winds, and tides.
Then there are the mansions of the moon, the mapping
out of the Constellations, and the other marvelous facts
of the heavens, some of which affect our physical life on
this earth. But the highest lessons we can draw from
them are spiritual.
The author of this wonderful Order and Beauty is One,
and He alone is entitled to our worship.


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (Surah 15 verse 16). Microsoft Word – 015 Hijr.doc (

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