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“For over My servants no authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee.”

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The Meaning of Shaytan Having No Power over Special Servants
of Allah

From the verse: (My servants are such that you
have no power over them’, we learn that there are special and chosen servants of Allah Ta’ala who are not affected by Satanic deception.
But, within this event relating to Sayyidna ‘Adam (pbuh), it has also been said that the deception of Satan worked in the case of Sayyidna ‘Adam and Hawwa’. Similarly, about the noble Companions, the Quran has
said: (Satan had but made them slip for some of
their deeds- 3:155) which tells us that there was an occasion (during the
Battle of Uhud) when the evil plan of the Satan worked against the Companions as well.

Therefore, in the present verse, the sense of saying that the special
servants of Allah are such that Satan has no power over them is that
their hearts and minds never come under the power and sway of Satan
to the extent that would just not become aIerted to their error at all, because of which, they would remain deprived of necessary repentance for ever, or that they fall into some sin the forgiveness of which would become impossible.

As for the events mentioned above, they offer no contradiction because ‘Adam and Hawa (pbuh) – made their Taubah and this repentance was accepted. Similarly, the noble Companions referred to above
had also made their Taubah. Thus, whatever sin they fell into because of
the mechanization of Satan was forgiven.


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