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25:38 Companions of the Rass

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As also ‘Ad and Thamud, and the Companions of the Rass, and many a generation between them.

Commentators are not clear as to who the
“Companions of the Rass” were. The root meaning of
“rass” is an old well or shallow water-pit. Another root
connects it with the burial of the dead. But it is probably
the name of a town or place.
The “Companions of the Rass” may well have been
the people of Shu’aib, as they are here mentioned with
the ‘Ad, the Thamud, and Lut’s people, and the people of
Shu’aib are mentioned in a similar connection in 26:176-
190 and in 11:84-95.
Shu’aib was the prophet of the Madyan people in the
north-west of Arabia, where many old wells are found.
There is however an oasis town al-Rass in the district of
Qasim in Middle Najd, about thirty-five miles south-west
of the town of ‘Unaiza, reputed to be the central point of
the Arabian Peninsula, and situated midway between
Makkah and Basra.
See Doughly’s Arabia Deserts, thin-paper one-volume
edition, London 1926, 11, 435 and Map, Lat. 26N., and Long. 43E.


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