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27:36 Solomon’s response to Queen Bilqis

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Now when (the embassy) came to Solomon, he said: “Will ye give me abundance in wealth? But that which Allah has given me is better than that which He has given you! Nay it is ye who rejoice in your gift!

Historical Israili legends describe in great detail the incident of the
visit of the envoys of Bilqis and the gifts they had taken with them. All
versions of the legends agree on that the gifts included some gold bricks,
some precious stones, one hundred slaves and one hundred slave girls.
But the slave girls were dressed in men’s clothes and the slaves were
dressed in ladies outfits. There was also a letter from Bilqis, in which
Surah An-Naml : 27 : 29 – 37
there were some questions for testing Sayyidna Sulaiman (AS). In the
selection of gifts also, his test was intended. Allah Ta’ala had passed on
detailed information of gifts to Sulaiman (AS) even before their arrival.
Sayyidna Sulaiman (AS) commanded the Jinns to lay out a floor of gold
and silver bricks over a thirty miles stretch from his court, and that
strange looking animals be lined up on either side of this pathway. Their
excrement of bowels was also to be placed on the floor of gold and silver.
Similarly, his court was decorated with special attention. Four thousand
chairs of gold were placed on the left side and four thousand on the right
side of the main hall for the scholars, ministers, and other officials of the
court. The entire hall was bedecked with precious stones. When Bilqis’s
envoys saw animals standing on the floor of gold bricks, they were
embarrassed with the gifts they had brought with them. It is reported in
some narrations that they threw away their gold bricks. Then as they
proceeded, they saw rows of beasts and birds on either side of the
pathway. After that they came across the rows of jinns. Seeing them, they
were browbeaten. Ultimately, when they reached the court and stood
before Sayyidna Sulaiman, he received them with dignity, and
entertained them with veneration. But he returned all their gifts and
presents, and answered all the questions sent up by Bilqis. (Qurtubi)

When Bilqis’s envoys reached the court of Sayyidna Sulaiman (AS)
with the gifts and presents sent by her, he said to them ‘Do you wish to
help me with wealth? Whatever wealth and bounties I have been given
by Allah is much better than your wealth and material. Therefore, I do
not accept your presents of wealth. You better take them away, and enjoy
them yourself.


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