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27:38 Sulaiman and Bilqis

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He said (to his own men): “Ye chiefs! which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?”

Sayyidna Sulaiman was already informed that Bilqis was coming
to him to submit after having been impressed by his invitation. So he
decided that, apart from royal grandeur, she should also witness a
prophetic miracle, which should help her convert to faith. Allah Ta’ala
had bestowed the miracle of control of jinns to Sayyidna Sulaiman. After receiving the cue from Allah Ta’ala, he fancied to have Bilqis’s throne brought to his court even before her arrival. So he commanded the
jinni, who was also present in his court, to bring her throne. Selection of
throne was presumably made on the basis that it was the most secured
object of her treasure, which was kept in the impregnable inner most hall
of the seven castles, one within the other, properly secured under lock. So
much so that her own people could not reach there. Shifting of such a
huge and secured object without breaking the lock or door to a place so far
away from where it was placed, could not have been possible without the
help and will of Allah Ta’ala. This was an ideal way to make her see and
realize the unlimited power and control of Allah. At the same time it was
also intended to make her realize that the high position and status of Sulaiman (AS) was actually bestowed by Allah Ta’ala, which had enabled him to perform such super-human things. (Ibn Jarir)


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