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He said: “Transform her throne out of all recognition by her: let us see whether she is guided (to the truth) or is one of those who receive no guidance.”

The throne having been transformed, it will be a
test to see whether Bilqis recognises it as her own and
accepts it of her own free will as her own, or rejects it as
something alien to her, something she will not
accommodate herself to.
So in our life.
We get used to certain habits and customs and certain
ways of thought. Allah’s message comes to transform us
and set us on a different kind of throne, with our own
active and willing consent. If we are wise, we feel
honoured and grateful. If we are “obstinately rebellious”,
we reject it as not our own, and pine for the old slavery,
as the Israelites pined for Egypt when they were under
Allah’s guidance in the wilderness.


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