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28:27 Serving the Shepard

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He said: “I intend to wed one of these my daughters to thee, on condition that thou serve me for eight years; but if thou complete ten years, it will be (grace) from thee. But I intend not to place thee under a difficulty: thou wilt find me, indeed, if Allah wills, one of the righteous.”

A little time passed, and at length the father
broached the subject of marriage. It was not for the
fugitive to suggest a permanent tie, especially when, in
the wealth of this world, the girl’s family was superior,
and they had an established position, while he was a
mere wanderer.
The father asked if he would marry one of the daughters
and stay with them for at least eight years, or if he liked,
ten years, but the longer term was at his option. If he
brought no dower, his service for that period was more
than sufficient in lieu of dower.
The particular girl intended was no doubt tacitly settled
long before, by the mutual attraction of the young hearts
themselves. Moses was glad of the proposal, and
accepted it.
They ratified it in the most solemn manner, by appealing
to Allah. The old man, knowing the worth of his son-inlaw, solemnly assured him that in any event he would
not take advantage of his position to be a hard taskmaster or to insist on anything inconsistent with Moses’
interests, should a new future open out to him. And a
new and glorious future was awaiting him after his


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