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¬†Then there are among men such as say, “We believe in Allah”; but when they suffer affliction in (the cause of) Allah, they treat men’s oppression as if it were the Wrath of Allah! And if help comes (to thee) from thy Lord, they are sure to say, “We have (always) been with you!” Does not Allah know best all that is in the hearts of all creation?

Cf. 9:56, and other passages where the cunning
of the Hypocrites is exposed.
The man who turns away from Faith in adversity and
only claims the friendship of the Faithful when there is
something to be gained by it, is worthy of a double

  • first because he rejected Faith and Truth, and
  • secondly because he falsely pretended to be of those
    whom he feared or hated in his heart.
    But nothing in all creation is concealed from Allah.


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (surah 29 verse 10). Quran Arabic with English Translation & Commentary (Tafsir) by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Free Download (

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