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(Remember also) the ‘Ad and the Thamud (people): clearly will appear to you from (the traces) of their buildings (their fate): the Evil One made their deeds alluring to them, and kept them back from the Path, though they were gifted with intelligence and skill.

The remains of their buildings show:

  • that they were gifted with great intelligence and skill;
  • that they were proud of their material civilization;
  • their destruction argues how the greatest material
    civilization and resources cannot save a People who
    disobey Allah’s moral law.

They were so arrogant and self-satisfied, that
they missed the higher purpose of life, and strayed clean
away from the Path of Allah.
Though their intelligence should have kept them straight,
Evil made them crooked and led them and kept them


Yusuf Ali, Abdullah. Translation and Commentary of the Quran. (surah 29 verse 38)Quran Arabic with English Translation & Commentary (Tafsir) by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Free Download (

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