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Do they not then see that We have made a sanctuary secure, and that men are being snatched away from all around them? Then, do they believe in that which is vain, and reject the Grace of Allah?

According to Maariful Quran,

Did they not see that We have made a peaceful
sanctuary [haram] – 67). In the preceding verses it was described that the
deeds and actions of the infidels were foolish and irrational. On the one
hand, they accept Allah as the sole Creator and master of every thing,
and on the other they associate their self-chiselled idols with Him. Then, it
is not that they just believe Him to be the sole Creator of every thing, but
they know well that it is only He who brings them out safely from all
types of calamities. But after achieving deliverance. they get involved
again in associating their idols with Him.

Some disbelievers in Makkah used to put forward the plea that
although they accepted Islam as the true faith, but if they were converted
to it and followed its tenets, they would be risking their lives against the
Arab world, who were deadly against Islam. If they became Muslims,-the
Arabs would pounce upon them and kill them. (Ruh)

In reply to this, Allah Ta’ala said that this was also a bogus excuse,
because He had accorded such an honour and eminence to Makkans, that
is not available to any people living anywhere in the world. He had made
the entire land of Makkah haram. All Arabs respected haram, whether
they were believers or infidels. They all believed that killing was not
allowed there. It was not only the killing and fighting that was banned in
the haram but the hunting and cutting of trees too were not permitted. If
any stranger entered the haram, his life would be completely secured.
Therefore, putting forward the risk of life as justification for
non-acceptance of Islam was only a lame excuse.

Yusuf Ali writes,

If they want evidences of their folly in the
phenomenal world itself, they will see sacred Sanctuaries
where Allah’s Truth abides safely in the midst of the
Deluge of broken hopes, disappointed ambitions and
unfulfilled plans in the world around.
The immediate reference was to the Sanctuary of
Makkah and the gradual progress of Islam in the districts
surrounding the Quraysh in the midst of the trying
Makkan period.
But the general application holds good for all times and


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