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29:69 Knowledge improves if it is acted upon: The Spirit of Jihad

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And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.

(And those who strive in Our way We will
certainly take them to Our paths – 69). The real meaning of jihad is to put
in all efforts to remove the hurdles in the way of faith. These hurdles
include those that are put up by the infidels, for which fighting is at the
top pedestal, and also those hurdles that are created by one’s own Self
and by Satan.

There is a promise in this verse for both types of jihad, that Allah
Ta’ala guides those waging jihad to the righteous way. It means that
when there is a confusion between evil and virtue, truth and false, and
profit or loss, and a wise person wonders which way to adopt, on such
occasions Allah Ta’ala guides those striving in His way to the path which
is straight, righteous and without risk. In other words, He turns their
hearts toward a way that may bring the divine blessing and the best

Knowledge improves if it is acted upon

Sayyidna Abu Ad-Darda’ (RA) while interpreting this verse has said
that the people who strive for acting in accordance with their knowledge
are promised by Allah Ta’ala in this verse that He will disclose to them
some other areas of knowledge that they did not have before. Fudayl Ibn
‘Iyad (RA) has given yet another interpretation to this verse, that
is, ‘those who strive for knowledge, We make it easy for them to act’.


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