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38:32 The Legacy of Prophet Sulayman (peace be upon him)

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And he said, “Truly do I love the love of good, with a view to the glory of my Lord,”- until (the sun) was hidden in the veil (of night):

The story is not found in the Old Testament.
I interpret it to mean that, like his father David, Solomon
was also most meticulous in not allowing the least
motive of self to be mixed up with his spiritual virtues.
He was fond of horses; he had great armies and wealth;
but he used them all in Allah’s service. Cf. 27:19. n.
3259; 27:40. n. 3276, etc.
His battles were not fought for lust of blood, but as Jihad
in the cause of righteousness. His love of horses was not
like that of a mere race-goer or of a warrior: there was a
spiritual element in it. He loved by a kind of love which
was spiritual,-the love of the highest Good.

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