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43:33 Why did Allah not give us all earthly blessings?

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And were it not that (all) men might become of one (evil) way of life, We would provide, for everyone that blasphemes against (Allah) Most Gracious, silver roofs for their houses and (silver) stair-ways on which to go up,

So little value is attached in the spiritual world
to silver or gold, or worldly ranks or adornments, that
they would freely be at the disposal of everyone who
denied or blasphemed Allah, were it not that in that case
there would be too great temptation placed in the way of
men, for they might all scramble to sell their spiritual life
for wealth!
They might have silver roofs and stair-ways, silver doors
and thrones, and all kinds of adornments of gold. But
Allah does not allow too great a temptation to be placed
in the path of men. He distributes these things
differently, some to unjust men, and some to just men,
in various degrees, so that the possession of these is no
test either of an unjust or a just life. His wisdom
searches out motives far more subtle and delicate than
any we are even aware of.


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