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43:4 The Mother of the Book

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And verily, it is in the Mother of the Book, in Our Presence, high (in dignity), full of wisdom.

Mother of the Book (cf. 3:7; 13:39) is interpreted by most as a reference
to the Preserved Tablet (85:22; IK, JJ, R, Z), which is said to be the source of all
revealed scripture, and interpreted by some as a reference to the Quran itself (see
3:7c). Sublime indeed, wise refers to the Quran or to the Mother of the Book (R).
Sublime renders ʿalī, which indicates that it is transcendent and thus beyond the
possibility of any corruption or falsification (R). Some say that when read as
modifying Quran, ʿalī means that the Quran transcends all other revealed books,
because it is a miracle that will remain for all time (R). Regarding the
inviolability and permanence of the Quran, see commentary on 15:9; 56:77–80.
The Quran is also described as wise in 10:1; 31:2; and 36:2. Wise (ḥakīm) can
also be taken to mean “determined” or “made firm” (muḥkam, from the same
root), as in 3:7, where the Quran is described as having signs determined (R; cf.
11:1). Ḥakīm could also mean something that makes wise (muḥkim), indicating
that the Quran or the Mother of the Book teaches the truth


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