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46:24 The Penalty of God

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Then, when they saw the (Penalty in the shape of) a cloud traversing the sky, coming to meet their valleys, they said, “This cloud will give us rain!” “Nay, it is the (Calamity) ye were asking to be hastened!- A wind wherein is a Grievous Penalty!

The Punishment came suddenly, and when they
least expected it. They wanted rain, and they saw a
cloud and rejoiced. Behold, it was coming towards their
own tracts, winding through the hills. Their irrigation
channels would be full, their fields would be green, and
their season would be fruitful.
But no!
What is this?
It is a tremendous hurricane, carrying destruction on its
wings! A violent blast, with dust and sand! Its fury
destroys everything in its wake! Lives lost! Fields
covered with sand-hills!
The morning dawns on a scene of desolation! Where
were the men who boasted and defied their Lord! There
are only the ruins of their houses to witness to the past!


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