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The desert Arabs who lagged behind will say to thee: “We were engaged in (looking after) our flocks and herds, and our families: do thou then ask forgiveness for us.” They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say: “Who then has any power at all (to intervene) on your behalf with Allah, if His Will is to give you some loss or to give you some profit? But Allah is well acquainted with all that ye do.

Reference in this passage is to those Bedouin tribes who were invited
by Allah’s Messenger to join the party of 1400 Muslims who were
marching to Hudaibiyah but on one pretext or another, they requested to
be excused. This was narrated in part [I] of the story of Hudaibiyah.
According to some versions, some of those people later repented and
became sincere Muslims.


Shafi, Muhammad (2008). Maariful Quran. (Vol .8 surah 48 verse 11)English-MaarifulQuran-MuftiShafiUsmaniRA-Vol-8.pdf (

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