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And ye love wealth with inordinate love!

(and love wealth, with an excessive love.. … 89:20). The
word jamm means ‘excessive’. This verse refers to the fourth evil trait of
the unbelievers. They have an insatiable love for wealth. The word
‘excessive’ indicates that love of wealth in itself, in a sober sense, is a
natural instinct of man. That has not been condemned here. What is
denounced is the excessive or insatiable love of wealth. After describing
the evil traits of the unbelievers, the passage reverts to the main theme
that was emphasised in the earlier part of the Surah with five oaths, that
is, the punishment of the Hereafter


Shafi, Muhammad (2008). Maariful Quran. (Vol .8 surah 89 verse 20)English-MaarifulQuran-MuftiShafiUsmaniRA-Vol-8.pdf (

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