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  1. In whatever Form He wills, does He put thee together.
    C6005. By “Form” (Surah) here I understand the
    general shape of things in which any given personality is
    placed, including his physical and social environments,
    his gifts of mind and spirit, and all that goes to make up
    his outer and inner life.
    The Grace of Allah is shown in all these things, for His
    Will is formed from perfect knowledge wisdom, and
  2. Nay! but ye do Reject Right and Judgment!
    C6006. The goodness and mercies of Allah, and His
    constant watchful care of all His creatures should make
    men grateful, instead of which they turn away from the
    Right and deny the Day of Sorting Out, the Day when
    every action performed here will find its fulfilment in just
    reward or punishment
  1. But verily over you (are appointed angels) …

    C6007. Besides the faculties given to man to guide him,
    and the Form and Personality through which he can rise
    by stages to the Presence of Allah, there are spiritual
    agencies around him to help and protect him, and to
    note down his Record, so that perfect justice may be
    done to him at the end.
    For these Guardian Angels, see 50:17-18, and n. 4954.
  2. Kind and honorable, writing down (your deeds)
  3. They know (and understand) all that ye do.
  1. As for the Righteous, they will be in Bliss;
  2. And the Wicked — they will be in the Fire


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